5 Must-Know Facts About Classical Sudoku Puzzle

  • 5 Classic Sudoku Facts — Did You Know That About Sudoku? | Sudoku Pro
  • Sudoku - number puzzle games that took the world like a storm in paper form and now Sudoku online is doing the second leap in the form of the Sudoku Pro app. You have probably already enjoyed daily Sudoku challenges online, but to name yourself a Sudoku game lover is not enough. Here are 5 fun facts you should know about this Japanese puzzle.

    Fact 1 Sudoku game origin

    When you play free Sudoku online you might not even think about why it’s called so. But the name of the game has quite a logical meaning. The word Sudoku can be literarily divided into 2 parts in the Japanese language:

    • “Su”—can be translated as “number”
    • “Doku”—which means “single”

    So, taking two meanings into consideration Sudoku can be explained as “single numbers only.”

    Fact 2 Italians should be known not only for pizza

    Even though Sudoku rules came originally from Japan, the First World Sudoku Championship wasn’t held in Asia. It took place in the beautiful Italian city of Lucca in 2006. Since that, the Sudoku game has been held yearly around the world.

    So, we can thank Italians not only for delicious pizzas but for making Sudoku a competitive type of game first time in the world.

    Fact 3 No Sudoku puzzles above the clouds

    Flight attendants of British Airways are absolutely forbidden to play Sudoku easy or any level of puzzles during either takeoff or landing. And unfortunately, we can understand why. Sudoku is a very addictive game that can cause zoning out, which is a big no during the most dangerous parts of the flight.

    Fact 4 Sudoku helps when medicine can’t

    There is a big reason why so many people play Sudoku online free. Solving the puzzle regularly can have long-term benefits on health like concentration boost or sharper memory. The studies also show that it lowers the risks of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Fact 5 Can a daily killer Sudoku end?

    Many gamers think that you become a Sodoku master when you solve every Sudoku grid possible. But we are not sure that it’s possible. There are so many possible combinations of Sudoku, in fact, 5,472,730,538 and it will take years to solve all of them. So, can Sudoku puzzles end? In theory, yes, but in practice, each level of Sudoku Pro brings new fun challenges.

    Bonus fact: Show stopper in Court

    Can you imagine that the interactive Sodoku game stopped the trial? Yes, it’s a true story! In June of the year 2008 in the Australian courts, a judge stopped the ongoing trial because of Sudoku. 5 members of the jury were solving the number puzzle instead of listening to the witnesses and the evidence presented.

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