5 Reasons Why People Play Sùdoku In 2022

  • Daily Sudoku Challenge — 5 Reasons To Play Sudoku Online
  • Do you play Sudoku? Not yet? But millions of people spend their free (and not so free) time playing Sudoku online. Still, why do they choose this Japanese game in particular?

    We gathered the top reasons why the world goes crazy about free Sudoku puzzles. Read on and see if any of these 5 reasons resonate with you.

    1 WebSudoku is a good anti-stress

    Apps like SudokuPro bring a sense of complete calm and control. No matter how hectic your life gets, these puzzles can help to take a break from your busy routine. The majority of users play Sudoku online every day because it helps to shift their focus of concentration.

    For example, if you feel stressed, like to overthink, or have a lot on your plate, a Sudoku game can be your antistress. It allows to harness negative emotions and renew energy balance. Such a form of antistress works great not just when you feel down but it is also a great preventative measure. This is why so many people are solving Sudoku.

    2 Fun for preschoolers and up to 99+

    There is no age limit for these puzzles. It is suitable and fun for all ages. A Sudoku app with levels is suitable for teens, as well as adults and senior citizens alike. And there are also options for kids or even animal Sudoku, that can be played by preschoolers.

    3 Sudoku puzzles boost brain activity

    Playing Sudoku+ for less than 20 min a day can help your brain stay healthy and mind sharp. The American Alzheimer's Association has recognized these puzzles as a "brain game". They state that that could help reduce the risks of developing Alzheimer's.

    Research shows that playing mentally stimulating games reduces brain age. However there is still debate about the aging of the brain, the possibility of keeping it at an optimum high is an understandable reason why people play Sudoku games so much.

    4 No math

    There is a popular misconception about the game that it requires math skills. But that's a myth! Expert players who are solving top-level puzzles are not necessarily pros in Math.

    In reality, various free Sudoku is online or printable forms simple enough for almost anyone regardless of Math level, and people love it. There is no need to add numbers, multiply or divide. The rules of the game are pretty simple and you just need to use your logic and put digits from 1 to 9 into the right places.

    However, even though the game doesn’t require math it boosts a lot of skills that are good for developing your ‘mathematical’ mind. If you play the game daily you’ll:

    • Improve logical problem-solving skills
    • Get a sense of accomplishment
    • Increase speed of digit perception
    • Boost general concentration

    Not bad for a simple number game, don’t you think?

    5 Great way to escape

    And last but not least, the reason why the world is crazy about webSudoku is that it provides an escape. Having a safe place or something of your own is another really important reason, that's why so many people add it to their daily routines.

    You can play SudokuPro anytime and anywhere. When you feel like it, all you need is just to tap on the app on your phone – making it easy to access and at the same time a quick way of finding a harmless bit of escape. We sometimes refer to the game as ‘addictive’, but first of all, it’s better than smoking, and all the positives it brings balance the odds.

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