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  • Play Sùdoku Like A Pro — Techniques To Solve Hard Daily Sudoku
  • One of the reasons for the long-time popularity of Sudoku is that the game offers interesting challenges for both beginners and expert players. Its users always stove to become better at playing Sudoku and therefore master their techniques.

    But there is no technique that will fit each game, as your approach should be individually tailored to solve the task the most effective. Solving a Sudoku hard requires completely different techniques than an easy one. To help you learn how to choose an appropriate winning strategy we gathered all basic techniques with increasing difficulty.

    Before you start picking Sudoku online

    • Make sure that you know the right rules of the game
    • Pick a SudokuPro level based on real experience and skill level
    • Learn basic techniques
    • Move on to advanced strategies
    • Practice and become solving Sudoku like a pro

    Don’t forget that the more you practice, the better you become!

    Must-know about choosing the killer Sudoku technique

    Before you jump into learning new techniques and maybe refreshing your existing knowledge, we should take a step back and cover some basic grounds. There are 3 basic methods of winning the Sudoku game:

    • Use basic Sudoku puzzles strategies
    • Consider other ways of creating a sum
    • Think about the total value of each region

    We outlined the basic strategies, that can be used on puzzles of different levels. And below you can find some complex strategies also keep an eye on updates, as we are planning on posting new advanced techniques that will develop your Sudoku skills.

    Basic Sudoku play strategies

    Every expert Sudoku player started by learning these basic rules:

    • Rule of 1. No duplicate digits in any region. For example, if a certain number appears in a row it cannot be put in any other cell of that row. The same goes for columns and 3x3 grids.
    • Rule of Necessity. The rule is applied to regions of the blank Sudoku grid. As each region must contain numbers, from 1 to 9, if all digits but one are placed, the empty cell must contain the missing number.
    • Rule of 45. The total value of each region (row, column, or 3x3 grid) is 45, with no exceptions.

    Now when you know the basic rules, let’s move on to techniques.

    Scanning Sudoku 9x9 Grid

    Probably the easiest technique, that much unconsciously use is scanning. It’s very intuitive, fast, and usually very effective. You can scan rows and columns within each 3-box area. However, this technique also has 2 variations:

    1. One-direction scanning. When you use the information only from vertical or horizontal rows to see what numbers might be missing from the grid.
    2. Two directions scanning. A player uses both vertical and horizontal lines information, to fill empty squares. This technique is effective both for easy and difficult Sudoku.

    Searching for Single Candidates

    After examining the surrounding column, row, and boxes some empty squares might have only one possible digit suitable. Such numbers are called single candidates. Once you put the first single candidate, there is usually another one or many unlocked.

    Elimination technique

    Elimination is one of the essential things in Sudoku because as you remember this puzzle game is based on logic, not math. Based on scanning you can eliminate numbers from rows, columns, and boxes. You can eliminate a certain number if it already exists in a row, column, or box. As well as if the position of other numbers in the neighboring boxes influences it.

    That's all! Now it’s time to put your new knowledge into practice and play SudokuPro! Hope these techniques will help you crack even the difficult Sudoku puzzles. Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

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