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  • Stop guessing when you are solving mathematical puzzles! Sudoku is a brain game that has thousands of different tactics and strategies. Today you will explain to you how to apply the best strategies for Sudoku online to improve your solving speed.

    Develop logical thinking, attention, and analytical skills by playing Sudoku Pro. And keep in mind that the benefits of free Sudoku puzzles are not only for the brain but also for mental health. The game helps keep the mind sharp and serves as a good distraction from problems and healthy escapism.

    Basics of Sudoku game online

    Most people who read our blog know what Sudoku classic puzzle game is. We won’t discuss the rules, but immediately move on to the Sudoku strategy.

    To solve a puzzle Sudoku, no matter how complex it is you must have a strategy, especially if we are talking about hard and expert Sudoku levels. So, take a look at some common math Sudoku strategies and get a peek into how to solve Sudoku tricks.

    Last Hero Strategy

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    And our first strategy is commonly known as ‘Last Hero’. Let's take a look at the seventh 3x3 section. There are only four free cells, so we can quickly fill some of them.

    Get the answer Sudoku grid:

    • "8" on D3 disables filling H3 and J3
    • similarly "8" on G5 closes G1 and G2
    • So, we can put "8" on H1

    Using the elimination technique when you play easy Sudoku online allows you to find your ‘Last Hero’.

    Solve Sudoku Tips: Last Hero in Line Strategy

    The sudoku on the web | nyt sudoku | the sudoku | sudoku web

    Next, we want you to learn Sudoku variation of the previous strategy. We start with reviewing the squares for obvious solutions and then move on to columns and rows. To solve a Sudoku puzzle you need:

    • Consider "4" on the field. It is clear that it will be somewhere in line A.
    • Notice that we have a "4" on G3 that covers A3, and we have a "4" on F7 that removes A7.
    • See another "4" in the second square that forbids its repetition on A4 and A6.

    So, to solve a Sudoku at this point you need "4" in A2 - your "Last Hero"

    No Choice Left Strategy For Free Online Sudoku

    The sudoku on the web | nyt sudoku | free sudoku | sudoku game

    Another games Sudoku strategy in our top is No Choice Left. Sometimes there are multiple reasons for digits placement when you play Sudoku. And "4" in J8 would be a great example.

    • The blue arrows show that this is the last possible number squared.
    • The red and blue arrows give us the last number in column 8.
    • The green arrows give us the last possible number in row J.

    As you can see, we have no choice but to put this "4" in the place (highlighted yellow). Can this strategy answer Sudoku puzzles of any difficulty? No! But it’s a great one to have up your sleeve.

    "And who, if not me?" The Best Sudoku Strategy

    The new york times sudoku | the times sudoku | free sudoku | sudoku web

    When you play a random puzzle, filling in numbers is easier with the strategies described above. However, checking the number as the last possible also brings results. The method should be used when you play free Sudoku online and it seems that all the digits are there, but something is missing.

    "5" in B1 is placed based on the fact that all numbers from "1" to "9" except "5" are in the row, column, and square (marked in green).

    In Sudoku play jargon, it's called "Naked Single". If you fill in the field with possible candidates, then there will be only one possible digit left. Developing this strategy, you can search for "Hidden Singles" in free online Sudoku games — numbers that are unique to a particular row, column, or square.

    The bottom line What is the best strategy to solve Sudoku?

    There are hundreds of different algorithms you can use to play free Sudoku online. Sometimes, to get the result, it is enough to use only one of them. However, usually, you need to combine different ones to create Sudoku strategy for a particular grid.

    We hope that learning the most common strategies was helpful. Keep your eyes tuned for Part 2 and even more hard strategies in easy explanation with Sudoku Pro!

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