Inside the logic of Sudoku

  • Sudoku Game Logic — Boost Your Brain With Sudoku Online
  • Sudoku online is one of the most popular numbers games that can better your brain. For those who have no clue what Sudoku is, it is a numbers game in which players have to fill blank boxes according to the specific rules.

    Sudoku game logic is very straight and we are here to get more information on Sudoku and learn how to solve Sudoku mathematically.

    The logic of Sudoku power

    Playing free online Sudoku is impossible without logical thinking. But what is it?

    Sudoku logical thinking is the act of analyzing a situation on the grid and coming up with the most effective solution. Just like a workout in the gym, your mind needs some exercise. Playing free Sudoku puzzles daily boosts your brainpower and provides other benefits:

    • Improves the sharpness of your memory
    • Stimulates logical thinking and mathematical Sudoku skills
    • Help to do everything quickly
    • Increases concentration
    • Feeling happy

    Is Sudoku a hobby worth exploring? Definitely yes! And now let’s dig a burning question that stops many from playing the game — how to solve Sudoku with math?

    Sudoku and math

    You may have heard that the Sudoku game online doesn’t require math skills. But what it actually means is that there is a mathematical way to solve Sudoku but arithmetic is not required. Free easy Sudoku puzzles online use digits from 1 to 9, where some are milling. Players are using logical deduction which, in fact, is mathematical thinking which is useful for solving Sudoku with math.

    How to solve Sudoku using math?

    There are 2 strategies to solve Sudoku with math, so let’s explore what they entail!

    • Forced Entry — #1 mathematical solution to Sudoku. The widely-known basic strategy of solving Sudoku puzzles. You need to first write down all possible entries in each empty cell. Each entry should not contradict the One Rule. When a certain cell has only one possible suitable number, it is called a ‘forced’ entry.
    • Digit by digit — #2 mathematical solution for Sudoku. Another strategy is to start with picking a digit and a row/column/block. Note that the One Rule can’t also be violated. If you find a spot where the number can only be put once in the neighborhood, you should place it there. After that, the chosen digit can be eliminated from the connected neighboring row, column, or block.

    Following these two strategies are usually enough to successfully solve any Sudoku puzzle of basic levels. But for some medium level and all hard level Sudokus players need more advanced analytical math methods like:

    1. Guess-Proceed. If you don’t have a forced entry cell, but a few suitable numbers, you can pick one and proceed with it to make progress. If the situation results in conflict, you need to backtrack.
    2. Triple cell. Another more complicated strategy is where you scan pairs or triples of cells within a row/column/block (your choice). You might find a pair of cells with 2 possible entries. This strategy doesn’t give you an exact number to put in, but it provides information that both digits cannot be anywhere else in the neighborhood. Similarly, triple cells eliminate 3 entries. Now you know how to solve Sudoku with math and can enjoy the best free online Sudoku games from the comfort of your phone with SudokuPro.

    Should I be a pro in math to play free Sudoku puzzle online?

    In short, no. You don’t need to have a math Sudoku solver in your head to enjoy this game. There are no deep mathematical skills required, just logic. Also, your math will develop when you master new levels of Sudoku like math puzzle. If you are still not sure if your math level is enough, you should explore solving tips techniques.

    Are there math puzzles similar to Sudoku?

    Yes, there are more than 15 similar math puzzles that include Wordoku, Hidato, Nonograms, and others. But they don’t even come close in popularity to traditional games with multiple levels.

    The game, especially in the handy app form of SudokuPro has the potential to be your ultimate way of destressing and having a fun time. Don’t be afraid that your math skills are not enough, Sudoku is suitable for everyone.

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