How People Can Play Sudoku — Deep Dive Into Sudoku Origins

  • History Of Sudoku — From Classic Sudoku To Sudoku Online
  • Many modern people who play a random puzzle of Sudoku don’t even think about what is the history of its meaning. But to help you know a bit more about the all-time favorite game, we are here with our deep dive on this brain game.

    What does Sùdoku mean?

    Millions of people play daily Sudoku, but only a small fraction of them know that this Japanese logical puzzle has a meaning to its name. Sud Oku has quite a straightforward translation from Japanese, and literally means Digit Single, and it was initially called Number Place.

    How was the Sudoku classic puzzle game invented?

    The late 19th century is known for the popularity of number puzzles. At that time popular Parisian newspapers like Le Siècle were publishing logic number games similar to modern easySudoku.

    But those first puzzles required more arithmetic skills than logic, which is why we can’t call them Sudoku. The first puzzle that was the most similar to on line Sudoku we can play today was published only in 1895 and was called ‘diabolical magic square'.

    And the modern version of Sudoku was published by the Japanese puzzle company Nikili in 1986. At that time people were able to play sudoku game free in The Times (London).

    Only in 2004 a retired Hong Kong judge, Wayne Gould, make a computer program that can generate unique puzzles, that become an older brother of our Sudoku Pro app.

    Why do so many people play free Sudoku online?

    The popularity of free online sudoku games is undeniable as many people use them as a way to train brains, as a free hobby, family activity, and for many other reasons. But the traditional form of Sudoku is a paper puzzle grid that you need to solve with paper leaving many wondering why so many Sudoku-lovers switch to free easy Sudoku puzzles online. Let’s see what’s the reasoning why people choose to play easy sudoku online.

    • Convenient. Solving a paper puzzle has a nostalgic ring to it, but it’s not very travel-friendly, as you always need to have a Sudoku book and something to write with you. And as modern people are rarely going anywhere without their phones, the cool Sudoku app is much more comfortable.
    • Cost-effective. There is no need to buy paper puzzles or spend on printing some grids out. Downloading Sudoku Pro takes less than 3 min and you can immediately enjoy the best free online Sudoku games
    • Eco-friendly. When you fill in paper grids the chances are low that it will end in recycling, which means that many of them end up in the landfill. And we don’t even mention how bad the environment is producing parer and bleaching it.

    Modern people choose the Sudoku game online because it’s easy. When you have an app you can enjoy fun Sudoku adventure regardless of where you are. Besides, you don’t even need a constant internet connection, as Sudoku Pro works offline.

    The bottom line

    There is a long way from the first printed grids in Le Siècle to the Sudoku game online. But as we can see the interest in the logical game never seems to fade.

    If you want to try free Sudoku puzzles, check out Sudoku Pro. Our app has all the benefits of the classical Sudoku game, but in a sleek interface, with gamified features, competitions, and more.

    Don’t miss out, play Sudoku Pro!

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