Sudoku Online vs Offline—Pros & Cons Of App & Paper Form

  • Free Online Sudoku App vs Traditional Sudu — What Is Better?
  • When you know all the benefits of playing Sudoku daily it's only natural to search for a comfortable way of enjoying the game. With modern technologies and the Internet, this puzzle is no longer just a newspaper game, like those you could find in the Washington Post or USA Today.

    Your options are more diverse and can be decided into two big categories online and offline. But should I play free Sudoku puzzle online or buy a printable? To help you make the right choice let's explore what exactly comes into each game variation and what are the main pros and cons.

    Offline Sudoku

    Let's start with the more traditional form of the game, aka printable forms. Those are regular Sudoku for beginners or advanced users that come in a form of workbooks and specialized magazines.


    1. Portable
    2. Can be in big formats
    3. Traditional (most users are used to it)
    4. Easy to make notes
    5. You can use a Sudoku puzzle solver with hints


    1. You always need to bring a pen or pencil
    2. The majority are not free
    3. You can easily damage your game, or spill a coffee on it, ruining your results

    Sudoku online

    The innovative form of the Sudoku game online took the world like a storm. Free online Sudoku can come in a form of an application or a web app. Both options provide a modern form of solving beloved puzzles.

    But today, we want to talk more about SudokuPro, a new application that strives and has the potential to be among the best free online Sudoku games. Let’s explore what the app has to offer.

    What is so special about SudokuPro?

    A team of skilled developers fell in love with the Japanese game and created SudokuPro as free easy Sudoku puzzles online. It can easily compete with the best online Sudoku apps and web apps because it has:

    • Sleek interface and user-friendly design
    • Multiple interactive features for fun solving
    • Intuitive navigation for smooth gaming
    • Suitable for all ages from 5 to 99+
    • Endless levels
    • Top-notched development for perfect user experience

    SudokuPro is a free online Sudoku puzzle that you can download and start solving in under 5 minutes. Here is how you can get it:

    1. Go to App Store Sudoku free section or GooglePlay for Sudoku Java Android Sudoku
    2. Type in SudokuPro
    3. Download the app and dive into fun Sudu adventures

    Also, you can always click here for fast access to the best Sudoku game iPhone and here for the Android version.

    Final thoughts

    Even though printable Sudokus can satisfy some players' needs, the online version is a definite winner in this buttle. With the app Sudoku free you can enjoy solving your favorite puzzle anywhere you want. It's an easy way to have some fun, distress, and boost your brain functions. So, if you want to benefit from all the advantages of the online version, install SudokuPro now and become the best player.

    Sudoku Online
    Sudoku for Beginners
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