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  • How to play Sudoku For Beginners — Start Your Daily Sudoku Challenge | Super Sudoku Pro
  • So many people feel curious but intimidated by Sudoku daily challenge, as it seems too hard at first glance. But is it really that difficult?

    Sudoku might seem like a complicated game to play when you don't know the rules. But as Sudoku is a logical game only takes one to get the logic of it to become a pro gamer.

    Read our ultimate Sudoku for beginners guide to learn the rules, strategies for newbies, and all the peculiarities of this Japanese game.

    Who can play Sudoku challenge?

    One of the most popular doubts about the Sudoku game is not Sudoku rules but age. Many people wonder whether they are too young or too old to solve this puzzle. So let's make it clear who is Sudoku good for and not so much.

    Sudoku is good for:

    • Kids and preschoolers
    • Older children and students
    • Adults who look for ways to relax
    • People who want to improve their concentration
    • Seniors who want a brain boost
    • Individuals who suffer from anxiety and high stress

    Sudoku is not the best option for:

    • Kids before the age of 4
    • People who don't like number games

    As you can see Su doku game is a fit for almost any age and it has many benefits for the nervous system and brain. So, let’s see how to play Sudoku.

    Sudoku how to play 101

    Learning Sudoku rules is the first thing that every potential Sudoku gamer needs to do. And the thing is even though Sudoku is a number game there are no math skills needed to solve it.

    Sudoku rules recap

    The grid in the game is divided up into a 9×9 and your task is to fill in a number in each empty spot. Here are the rules you must follow

    1. Each row must have the digits 1 to 9 exactly once each
    2. Each column must have the digits 1 to 9 exactly once each
    3. Each 3×3 box must have the digits 1-9 exactly once each
    4. Do not repeat any numbers
    5. Do not guess but use your logical skip to find a missing number

    Tips on Sudoku for beginners

    Here are a few effective tips to help you become a pro at Sudoku puzzles faster.

    Check out the easiest bits

    When you start a new puzzle you got some of the numbers already filled in their correct spaces. Your task is to check out all of them and scan all rows, columns, and squares. What you should look for?—Most filled-in rows/columns/3x3 grids.

    For example, if you find a row with 8 numbers in it, the last number will not be that hard to find.

    Scan neighbors

    Patterns are very important in Sudoku. And you need to learn to quickly stop them if you want to become a pro player. Use elimination and keep scanning through neighboring rows and columns to fill in missing spots.

    Feel the momentum

    Another vital thing about Sudoku is learning to follow the momentum. Every time you put in a new number, the situation on the grid changes and you get new possibilities. That’s why you need to learn to follow up by noticing where other digits can be placed.

    What is Sudoku daily challenge?

    A daily Sudoku challenge is a unique puzzle that a player receives each day. The goal of the Suduku challenge is to keep the steak for as long as you can. Every new puzzle will be a little bit more difficult than the previous one and this way you can boost your gaming skills and get all the great benefits for your mental health.

    And don't worry that you will run out of Sudoku puzzles. As there is almost endless variety of different level challenges ready for you at SudokuPro.

    The bottom line

    Sudoku is a game for everyone. It can be your new hobby, a way to unwind from a hard day at work, or just a cool new family time activity. Don’t stop your doubts that you have no idea what to do, stop you from a fun Sudoku journey!

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