Is Sudoku Trendy Or A Game For Old People?

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  • Sudoku prototype first appeared in 1979 in a New York-based puzzle magazine, and after that, it boomed in Japan in its usual form and then took over the world. But is playing sudoku puzzles on trend? Read on and find out!

    Are people playing Sudoku in 2022?

    Millions of people are not only playing the number puzzle daily but there are many competitions and contests held among the top Sudoku players. People are interested in this popular puzzle invented in Japan as it has a specific goal all filling in all the blank spaces and it’s based on the manipulation of digits.

    • No math
    • No endless rules
    • Rules are the same for all Sudoku levels

    These characteristics make daily Sudoku appeal to a wider variety of people, as even a child can understand how to play sudoku online or offline. All you need is basic arithmetic skills and logical thinking. Of course, you can learn a lot of tricks to solve Sudoku faster, which will only make it more challenging.

    What is special about free online Sudoku?

    The most popular way of playing Sudoku in recent years is Sudoku online. There are many options for web Sudoku and apps, like Sudoku Pro. A ton of people are already playing and you are missing out! Why online?

    • Free to use
    • Convenient form
    • Healthy competition Anyone can start playing easy Sudoku or kick off with Sudoku medium if you have any experience with the game. You can be anywhere in the world and play this interesting game.

    Sudoku Hotspots

    There is no doubt that killer Sudoku puzzles are popular all over the world. But Sudoku is not football or basketball with regular matches or TV streams that allow seeing how many people are playing. Detecting the country with the most fans creates a bit of a tricky situation.

    As there are no particular metrics for Sudoku players in particular countries we can judge on—the amount of printable Sudoku sold and the number of times that the Sudoku Pro app was downloaded. Also, we can take into consideration the strongest metric—the World Sudoku Championship, first held in Lucca in 2006. From it we can highlight 3 main countries that have the most Sudoku gamers:

    1. Germany. In 2019, the World Sudoku Championship was in Kirchheim, Germany. And the country has won a number of Sudoku competitions in the past.
    2. The USA. One of the top countries in the world that is also a winner of many Sudoku championships. Also, it’s the top country based on Sudoku app downloads.
    3. India. The country is giving some competition to the top western countries. It’s safe to say that players from India are ranking high on the Sudoku leaderboards.

    So, it’s quite safe to say that 24/7 Sudoku gamers mainly come from India, Germany, and the United States. And those are countries where Sudoku is the most popular.

    The main reasons why Sudoku apps are so used in western countries are their competitive nature and the fact that the puzzle game proved to boost cognitive abilities and logical thinking.

    The bottom line

    Playing Sudoku can help improve the way your brain works as well as boost memory. Many people in the world are already benefiting from all the pros the Japanese game has. It’s totally not just a game for old people. And if you are not on the trend train yet, you are totally missing out! But you can start just in a few minutes, by downloading Sudoku Pro.

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