Top-5 Sudoku Apps Of 2022 — Keep Or Ditch?

  • Top-5 Sudoku Apps Of 2022 — Keep Or Ditch? | Sudoku Pro
  • Sudoku game is a popular hobby of many successful people, and it’s getting the world like a storm. It can be a great way to spend a night in, have a great family time, and distress, and have a full-on brain workout. And the best thing is that this number game requires no hard Math skills!

    But the quality of your gaming experience strongly depends on what app you choose to use. Not every Sudoku app you can find on the App Store or Google Play is worth your time. To help you choose the best Sudoku puzzle game we analyzed the market and created a top-5 of the best online Sudoku in 2022.

    Top-5 best Sudoku apps in 2022

    Here is the most popular application of 2022 that are worth your attention.

    RateApplicationBest Feature
    #1SudokuProFun daily challenges and user-friendly design
    #2Sudoku AcademyHas a good game guide
    #3SudokuTableThe game contains personal statistics
    #4Sudoku.gameSimple game, but works on very weak computers
    #5LiveSudokuPlayers can compete against each other

    #5 Andoku Sudoku 3

    Andoku Sudoku 3 is a variation of the popular Japanese game that offers a lot of fun for Android users, but not so much for iOS lovers, as the app is only available for Android.

    If you get tired of the standard puzzle, you can create your own. This app also includes tutorials to help you master sudoku-solving techniques and synchronization with the cloud so you can continue on another device. But the design of the app needs serious updates.


    • 9 difficulty settings
    • Notes and undos
    • Cloud synchronization to play on different devices


    • Available only for Android users
    • Boring design
    • No gaming with friend mode

    #4 Volcano Entertainment’s Sudoku

    This is a large Sudoku app, that offers players 8 difficulty levels. It boasts several variations, including squiggly, X, and color. Volcano Entertainment’s Sudoku helps to maintain interest by introducing online competitions, custom puzzles, along with gamer statistics.

    Like other Sudoku apps, there's a hint system that helps to learn how to solve Sudoku puzzles. It's also worth pointing out that its visual effects and animations are one of the best in the niche, but it can be a destruction for some people.


    • More than 15,000 puzzles
    • 8 difficulty levels
    • Light and dark modes


    • Too much animation for some people
    • A bit outdated design

    #3's app lets you play traditional Japanese puzzles but at the same time provides options that allow you to adjust the difficulty. It also offers daily challenges and seasonal events, giving the app more depth than you'd expect from an easy Sudoku game.

    The app includes around 10,000 puzzles that can be played for free, but to remove ads Sudoku players need to pay a one-time fee of $5.


    • Progress tracking
    • Auto-checking
    • Duplicate highlighting


    • A bit outdated design
    • Paid add removal

    #2 AI Factory’s Sudoku

    If you still haven't had your fill of Sud oku, you should definitely check out AI Factory's app. With 1,500 puzzles and five difficulty levels, it's an attractively streamlined version of the classic Sudoku puzzle game.

    The interface is simple to navigate and use, while the ability to use optional hints and aids means that playing the app is never boring. There are two different themes and fonts to choose from, as well as two input modes, so you should be able to find a playing style that suits your preferences.


    • Statistical tracking for each level
    • Time tracker
    • Pleasant color schemes with multiple options


    • The app is Android-only
    • Some fonts are difficult to read

    #1 Sudoku Pro

    And the ultimate leader of 2022 is the Sudoku Pro app. It combines the benefits of the classic Sudoku game with a modern user-friendly design, intuitive navigation, and multiple difficulty levels which makes it suitable for new and experienced Sudoku players.

    Sudoku Pro has a helpful hints feature, auto checking, notes, redos, and undos for a smooth puzzle-solving experience. There is also a daily Sudoku challenge to see how long you can keep the track going. Also, Sudoku Pro is available in a web form for free.


    • Free to download
    • Sleek design
    • No add spam
    • Available both for Android and iOS
    • Multi-language interface


    • Keeping up with a Daily Challenge is not easy
    • Makes the time fly

    The bottom line—What’s the best Sudoku App in 2022?

    Each of the online Sudoku puzzles has its pros and cons, so it’s only up to you to decide what Sudoku game you like the most. If you want an application that is well-developed, has a cool design, free, and has daily Sudoku challenges, pick Sudoku Pro—the new leader of this year.

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