Why do you need notes in the Sudoku classic puzzle game?

  • Sudoku Online — How To Use Notes In Sudo Ku Brain Game
  • Sudoku brain game is a popular type of leisure activity with various difficulty levels and intensity of solving strategies, and as a result, not everyone can do it. Therefore, before you play a random puzzle, you need to understand for sure that Sudoku online is much more than just putting digits in the cells of the grid. There are many features of the game that you should explore.

    And today we want to talk about one — notes, why people make them when they play free Sudoku online, and some Pro tips on how to use this feature to your benefit.

    What are notes in free Sudoku puzzles meant for?

    The process of solving free online Sudoku games requires logical thinking and usage of techniques, not guessing and assuming. Whether you're just learning how to play easy Sudoku online or you already consider yourself a Sudoku Pro, you should utilize all the game’s features to the full advantage.

    The Notes feature is probably one of the most used in both online and paper Sudo ku. Many people think is just for putting in digits that you are not very confident about. Others neglect it as just something redundant. Let’s explore how Notes help when you play Sudoku game free.

    1. Eliminates guessing. When people play free Sudoku online the little devil on the shoulder pushes them to guess and write down a number, which can spoil the whole game. The Notes feature puts away the pressure of making mistakes and allows you not to lose the train of thought.
    2. As a basic Sudoku play strategy. Making marks in a Sudoku grid is one of the basic solving strategies for beginners that involves writing guessed numbers inside cells. After listing all the options, the player must analyze the numbers, determine the possible combinations, and then decide which of the notes turned out to be correct.
    3. Detecting ‘Naked single’ with notes. This is a very simple strategy that will help you solve free easy Sudoku puzzles online. The player uses Notes to enter all possible variants of numbers in each cell. Then comes parsing the surrounding columns, rows, and blocks and eliminating the wrong choices for one cell, leaving it with only one suitable digit.

    And these are only a few ways to make Notes work for you. There are many other benefits of utilizing the feature to your advantage.

    How to use notes when you Sudoku game online?

    The most important thing that you need to remember is that to enjoy Sudoku play online free, don’t be afraid to use notes. They can really make your experience easier and allow you to solve the puzzle faster.

    If you're stuck and don't know what to digit to place next, use Notes. Free online Sudoku is made easier with their help, as they allow to specify all valid digit options for each empty cell.

    But it is also very important to fill in the notes correctly. After all, if you make a mistake, then solving the best free online Sudoku games will become more difficult. To avoid making mistakes:

    • Analyze all possible digits for the cell taking into account already filled-in numbers
    • Check nearby regions
    • Make changes to your notes when needed

    Mastering the Notes feature will help you understand which number to enter in a particular cell. In addition, when Sudoku play free on more advanced levels it’s almost impossible to do without notes, as expert level solving techniques require the use of notes.

    However, if you forgot to use Notes, and made mistakes — no worries! Sudoku Pro also has a Reverse button, that allows going a few steps back. But if the mistake is done long ago, you won’t be able to reverse it, and can either manually find it, or restart the game.

    Sudoku Pro gives you an excellent opportunity to play Sudoku online during breaks at work, at home, or on the go. You can solve puzzles online on your phone or tablet. Depending on the difficulty level and your skill, the game lasts 5 to 30 minutes. If you play Daily Sudoku, you’ll become a pro and faster.

    The bottom line

    So, is it with using Sudoku Pro Notes? Hard YES! People can play Sudoku without this feature, but only on the easy level, and all more difficult puzzles can’t be conquered without it.

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