‘Naked’ Strategies For Best Free Online Sudoku Games

  • Sudoku Online Tips — ‘Naked’ Strategies To Play Like A Pro
  • Sudoku is a brain game that requires users who want to play a random puzzle to use their logical thinking and learn new strategies to conquer harder and harder levels of the game. We have already touched upon a few basic strategies and here is a much-anticipated part 2—the rundown of the ‘naked’ strategies.

    Reading about naked strategies for the Sudoku game online may make a few eyes open wider. But hold on your horses on taking away all the clothes (even in such heat), naked strategies don’t require anyone undressing.

    What are ‘naked’ strategies?

    First, it’s important to make clear, that the official Sudoku online terminology doesn’t have such a term as ‘naked’ strategy, as that’s slang used by Sudoku players, predominantly advanced gamers. But we are here to share some insights.

    ‘Naked’ strategies are one core strategy that people who play free Sudoku online.

    And offline use to boost the time and ease the process of puzzle solving. There are 3 different types of these strategies, and all of them are based on scanning and eliminating.

    As you get a general idea, let’s explore what types of ‘naked’ strategies exist and can they be used in Sudoku classic puzzle game. We use real grid examples to help you get the full idea of each strategy and solve it together with us.

    Types of ‘naked’ strategies in free Sudoku puzzles

    Here are all the main ‘naked’ strategies that you need to learn on your way to mastery with Sudoku Pro.

    Naked pair

    What is it? A set of two potential candidates that are located in 2 cells in one same block: row, column, or square.

    We look for them using the scanning technique when playing easy Sudoku online. With these two candidates, it is clear that the right solutions to the grig will be only in these particular cells and only with offered values, while all other digit candidates from the general 3x3 box can be eliminated. Take a look at the example (circled).

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    What is it? A complicated version of "naked pairs", where you have not 2 cells to find but 3.

    In Sudoku online any group of 3 cells in one block containing a total of three candidates is a "naked 3" or ‘threesome’. When a player finds such a group, these 3 numbers can be eliminated from other cells of the box.

    Combinations of Sudoku play candidates for the "threesome" can be as follows:

    • [abc] [abc] [abc] // three digits in three cells.
    • [abc] [abc] [ab] // any combination.
    • [abc] [ab] [ab] // any combination.
    • [ab] [ac] [bc]

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    This example is pretty obvious. The fifth square, cells E4, E5, E6 contains [5,8,9], [5,8], [5,9] respectively. And we can see that, in general, these 3 cells have [5,8,9], and only these digits can be placed there. This let's eliminate them from other box candidates. This trick gives us the solution "3" for cell E7, helping us to move forward in solving free online Sudoku.

    Naked 4

    What is it? A very rare occurrence of 4-block. Almost as rare as you, going to bed on time ;)

    But jokes aside, ‘naked’ 4s are rarely caught even by pro Sudoku players, especially in their full form. Yet it brings results when detected. The logic of the solution is the same as that of the "Threesome".

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    In the example above, in the first 3x3 box, cells A1, B1, B2, and C1 collectively contain [1,5,6,8], so these digits can only be put in those cells and cannot be placed anywhere else. We eliminate the candidates highlighted in yellow and go on solving the free easy Sudoku puzzles online.

    The bottom line

    Now you know the ‘naked’ strategies and are ready to play Sudoku game free and try them in action. Keep your eyes peeled for naked pairs, threesomes, and fours, and become a better gamer with Sudoku Pro.

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